Our Story

Our Vision

The world’s most picturesque locations & finest resorts — captured from ABOVE — preserved as limited edition wearable mementos.

 The Back Story
When we travel, we make memories... of the places we visit, the people we meet, the foods we eat, and the cultures we immerse ourselves in.  We try to document these experiences through the photos we take, but all-too-often these memories never make it past the photo albums on our phones, or are simply deleted after 24 hours of existence on social media. 
ABOVE was borne out of a love for photography & travel, two things that often occur in tandem. Using best-in-class DJI drones, we take stunning images from around the world and break them free of the smartphone screen, preserving them on high quality swimwear and other items. Our photographs are vibrant and crisp, and simply unlike anything on the market.
Drones allow us to quickly and easily get new and different perspectives, often empowering us to see things in ways we haven't before. We hope our bathing suits help change your perspective — one flight at a time. 
- Jacob Schulman, Founder & CEO